World Responsible Tourism Awards at World Tourism Market, 8 November 2016

Responsible, sustainable or green tourism is a form of tourism that can be practiced in a more responsible way. “Responsible tourism is practiced to minimize negative social, economic and environmental impacts on the environment and human beings. But with the return of generating economic benefits for local people and promoting the well-being of host communities. This form of tourism is practiced in the whole entire world and this form of tourism has done much more to conserve and promote tourism compared to the “mass tourism”.

In Africa, this green tourism is so much emphasized in the National Parks, game reserves, forests, wetlands that habiting various wildlife species, cultural destinations and the most fragile places. Most of the African conservation bodies have joined together to create the conservation awareness about these places, by encouraging activities like the “community based tourism” within these areas as a way of controlling local communities from destroying the areas. Though rampant bad practices like poaching still exist in Africa measures have been put in place to be stopped. Some of the East African countries like Kenya have fought so much the illegal killing of elephants for ivory by burning tones of ivory, conducting elephant walks lead by “Jim Nyamu” and recently he has just finished his walk entitled “Ivory Belongs to Elephant” and this covered Kenya, Uganda & Tanzania.

Therefore, this is on record that if we all come together to advocate for the wildlife they will survive and this will be good response from what God instructed man to do on the world taking good responsibility of all creatures as representative of God.

For the responsible tourism to be practiced at large, all safari companies in the world should withdraw from mass tourism – (which is a form of tourism that involves tens of thousands of people going to the same resort often at the same time of year. It is the most popular form of tourism as it is often the cheapest way to holiday, and is often sold as a package deal) and embark on this green tourism, Nature Adventure Africa Safaris Limited – for the last 5 years in tourism industry it has practiced this green tourism by arranging very reason and manageable small groups visiting these fragile areas in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania & DRC Congo. After discovering weakness in the conservation of tourism resources in some areas like Rwanda, the team opened up offers in Kigali along the Airport road in Remera to practice responsible tours in Rwanda taking around Eco tourists in all the Rwanda tourism destinations like national parks (Volcanoes, Nyungwe & Akagera National Parks), Lake Kivu sand beach holidays, Rwanda cultural sites and museum among others.