Flying Gorilla Safaris in Rwanda and Uganda

If you are planning to visit Rwanda or Uganda and you have less time and you want to visit the Mountain Gorillas in the Mist, Eco Tours Rwanda offers short days gorilla safaris to Volcanoes National Park or Bwindi Impenetrable Gorilla Forest National Park, in Rwanda you can take the 1 Day Rwanda Gorilla Trek and on Uganda you can take the 2 Days Uganda Gorilla Trek. Last year in December 12, 2014 I and my working team we wanted to visit the mountain gorillas in Rwanda and we never had enough time to visit the primates as you are to have good experience you have to travel a day before and then stay at any lodge of your preference near the park and early morning go for the experience in the mist. But as we were planning to take this experience at the very limited time we had, Eco Tours Rwanda trading as Nature Adventure Africa Safaris Limited managed to arrange for us this experience in Rwanda. I had a group of 20 clients and our travel planner Moses, the Managing Director, made our safari successful as he connected with Akagera Aviation such that this domestic flight could fly us on time to the Ruhengeri airstrip and upon our arrival we met very spacious V8 Land Cruisers waiting for us to transfer to the Volcanoes National Park headquarters for the Rwanda gorilla trekking experience and after we entered into the tropical rain forest to search for the endangered mountain gorillas and upon our meeting with the gorillas, we took unforgettable photographs and videos, later we enjoyed our packed lunch from Mountain Gorilla View Lodge which was so delicious and after our one hour stay with the gorillas we transferred back to the Volcanoes head office for our gorilla trekking certificate and then board our vehicle and drove to the Ruhengeri Airstrip and board the Akagera Aviation Flight back to the Kigali International Airport for our return flight back home and I want personally thank the travel planner Moses and the Akagera Aviation who worked hand in hand to arrange our safari successful. And this year am planning to take the same group to visit Uganda but this we have enough and we want to combine the mountain gorillas and the wildlife but still on flight and Moses told me that in Uganda they offer flying safaris in partnership with Aero Link Uganda a very reliable domestic charter flight, and our start point will be the Kidepo Valley National Park then to Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park and then to the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park where we shall experience another gorilla trekking adventure and we compare between the two points (Bwindi & Volcanoes National Park) and this time we shall take a Uganda Safari of 9 days and we shall be staying in luxury lodges and after wildlife and gorilla adventure our last day we shall go at the Bulago Island into Lake Victoria and relax for 2 days and thereafter return to Entebbe International Airport for our return flight back home.

I therefore recommend flying safaris in Africa (Rwanda & Uganda) for clients interested in them and those with limited time in Africa but would love to take Eco tours in Africa with companies like Nature Adventure Africa Safaris Limited which promotes Eco tours, humanitarian and conservation in Africa.